Save the day

We provide seamless operational support for Codebots-built software applications as they move into production. Whether you require general support or enhancements, our friendly Rogue Two Troopers are ready to help.

We’re proud to be providing outstanding support to a variety of Australian businesses, including:

What we do

We provide technical support without the drama. We go the extra mile to provide outstanding service and make it our mission to deliver.

Service Desk Access

Skilled service desk representatives for timeboxed triage and analysis of unlimited issues.

Business Hour Availability

Business hours access to report and discuss issues with Rogue Two troopers.

Escalation Routes

Providing 1st and 2nd level support and peace of mind your original development team remain on hand.

Incident Management

Our ticket logging software allows us to quickly identify repeating incidents and solve them via problem management processes.

AWS Server Support

Stay informed about the health of your software solution with quarterly reports.

2hr timebox

Triage, replicate, investigate and resolve unlimited errors and defects where possible within our initial 2hour Timebox.


A mission might involve extended support on issues, small development or enhancements, or other miscellaneous help for our clients.

Short-term hire

Support and short-term hire is provided by Codebots qualified personnel.


We test early and often in order to ensure your code is always robust and your UAT is optimised.

We understand your business

Through comprehensive auditing of infrastructure, application and processes, we ensure knowledge is transferred from your development project team successfully. We support you from 'go live'. We ensure your application release is the best possible experience for your customers by fixing immediate and important issues.

We aid continuous improvement

We can deliver enhancements and new features through timely requirements-based updates. We're always trying to deliver newer, faster and better ways to audit your infrastructure and fix immediate issues.