How it works

The Rogue Two Service Desk will triage, replicate and investigate your support tickets. Defects and bugs that can’t be resolved within our initial 2hr timebox will be converted to Missions, involving extended support, enhancements or small developments, and other miscellaneous help.

The Codebots qualified Troopers are also available for short-term hire for requirements falling somewhat short of a full development brief. When in doubt, our friendly Troopers are always on hand to advise you of the best solution which fits your current needs.

How to initiate a service request

Getting support is super easy with Rogue Two. Simply follow the four steps below to start getting your application back on track.

Contact us

Notify our Service Desk via your online portal, telephone or email and, if possible, indicate the urgency or priority of the issue.

Describe issue

Provide a detailed description of your issue, include screenshots or videos of the issue and the device and browser being used.

Get a notification

Within 7.5 business hours, one of our expert Troopers will notify you that they have picked up your described issue and have started their timebox.

Timebox outcome

Our friendly Troopers will document the results of their timebox after 2 hours. If the issue was resolved, the call will be marked as complete and the ticket closed.

Should the resolution require a release or the issue requires additional work before a fix can be implemented, you will be provided with an estimate of time and cost to decide if you’d like to proceed.

Continuous Improvement

We’re always looking for new ways to increase our skills, make processes more efficient, and allow our customers to continuously modernise with minimal disruption. We take a scientific approach to improvement; we analyse our experiences, propose experiments and take solutions based on evidence. We have three cyclical phases in our improvement process.

Phase 1: Analysis and Transition

We comprehensively audit our infrastructure, application and processes. We identify key resources in our chain of support and review the backlog for a given project.

Phase 2: Planning and Readiness

We produce, review and publish reports regarding missing documentation, create a performance enhancement summary, and fix immediate issues.

Phase 3: Continuous Maintenance and Operational Support

Our customers receive proactive and preventative monitoring of their application through regular usage and testing. We’re able to track bugs and optimise our service for you.

Technical support doesn't have to be a drama. With Rogue Two you can continue your journey your way.