About Us

We’re a crew of energetic and enthusiastic tech experts located in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Our story is intertwined with that of our sibling companies - WorkingMouse and Codebots. Customers work with the WorkingMouse team to develop custom software for their business, using the Codebots Platform.

Once their project is completed, they are able to transition to Rogue Two for long-term operational support. We take a simple approach. For a low flat monthly or annual fee we offer the best possible service, delivered in the most efficient way. Our support is supplemented by additional services and resources, purchased on your terms.

Our story

We think of Rogue Two as being another step in your journey as a software owner. All journeys have bumps in the road, which is where we come in to save the day. We get you back on track quickly so you can focus on what your journey is really about - making your business better and increasing your customer satisfaction. We’re fun but not unprofessional. We approach jobs with urgency without feeling rushed. We take initiative but we’re not lone wolves. And, of course, we’re scientific but never heartless.

Our Team

Leadership and direction for Rogue Two is provided by the former Head of Service Delivery for the City of London Police. Many of our 1st level Troopers are recently graduated or are in their final year of university, studying a Bachelor of Information Technology (BinfTech). Second level team members are full time, with many successful projects in their portfolios. We work together on timeboxes to ensure a good outcome. Our diverse team possess a mixture of skills across Web, Tools, and DevOps.

Join Us

Rogue Two is looking for software engineers! Are you a forward thinker who enjoys problem solving and working in a fast-paced environment? Are you experienced in JavaScript and a range of libraries and frameworks (including MVC)? A student or recent grad? Then we want to hear from you!

Desired qualifications, skills and knowledge

A willingness to work hard and contribute to team happiness.

Technical skills such as a knowledge of SQL, Cordova and testing.

The ability to build meaningful relationships with our customers.

Enthusiasm, initiative and adaptability in a fast-paced work environment.